Our journal's history is dated back to nearly a decade, and it was formed by 83 MEMBERS FOUNDERS, mainly from Three Tamilnadu Dental Colleges, namely JKK Natarajah Dental College, KSR Dental College and Vivekanandha Dental College for women in Namakkal District, Tamilnadu, India. The initial moto was that we need an approved platform for the publication of our scientific works and many of our senior members DR.G.J.Anbuselvan MDS., Dr.Prof.Cap.S.Gokulanathan MDS, had molded this platform by spending their energy and time. As time had swifted, our family circlr enlarged with the addition of 81 VOLUNTEER - FRIENDS of IADS and reached to the present level of energetic horizon, it is also the best time to recall the contributions of our members, late Dr, Arjun Das,Bangaluru, late Dr.Karunakaran, Karur and late Dr.Sugumar, Coimbatore to our JIADSR Family.

Our organization has been registered under the government of Tamilnadu in 2010 (200/2010) and we are paying Income Tac contributing to the national development.

Our journal's official printed publication started in 2010, under the name, 'JOURNAL OF INDIAN ACADEMY OF DENTAL SPECIALIST' with four issues per year. Thus 9 issues were published till March 2011 and by April-June 2011, there was new entitlement to our reputed journal namely, 'JOURNAL OF INDIAN ACADEMY OF DENTAL SPECIALIST RESEARCHES'. Adding feather on our cap, we then progressed towards online issues, which were made available from Jan 2014. Thus, 14 print issues were made from Jan 2010 to Dec 2013, articles were published, benefitting more than 500 authors.

The online BI annual JIADSR issue was published from 2014 to 2018 for five years ably was handled by Medknow andWolter Kluwer, Mumbai publishing nearly 100 articles so far, benefitting, 300 plus authors. Thus, with the availability of 10 online issues till date. Articles of our journal gained visualisation all around the Dental Scientific world.

Apart from our publication works, our organisation had conducted many CDE programmes on Research Methodology and publications involving these three dental institutions.

Thus, in a nutshell, we began initially with 14 print issues progressed towards 10 online JIADSR issues and eight supplementary jpbsonline.org issues bringing many south indian authors of dental forum to a lime light.

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Indian Academy of Dental Specialists is the official publication of the Indian Academy of Dental Specialists, Erode, India which aims to publish quality, peer reviewed original research papers and topical reviews within clinical dentistry, on all basic science aspects of structure, chemistry, developmental biology, physiology and pathology of relevant tissues, as well as on microbiology, biomaterials, public health and the behavioural sciences as they relate to dentistry including molecular studies related to oral health and disease.

We at Journal of Indian Academy of Dental Specialists strive to provide scope for exchange of relevant information and enhancement of the profession with the purpose of promoting oral health for patients and communities.

Journal of Indian Academy of Dental Specialists is published quarterly. Rapid publication from acceptance to print provides timely communication of the latest research to the oral and dental community.


  • Oral, dental and craniofacial researchers and clinical scientists
  • Dentists
  • Oral and dental policy-makers
  • Dental educators
  • Hard-tissue scientists

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